Friday, 6 July 2012

A journey of learning spaces begins

Learning Spaces Term 3 2012 on PhotoPeach

I've been thinking a lot about learning spaces and creating an environment in my classroom where children can make choices and gain independence over the spaces they choose to work in for different tasks. I've been working on independent/personalised learning for a little while and now the routines and expectations are in place I think it's time to work through this stage.

I'm ready to begin attempt one(!) starting in the new term. No doubt this will be a journey and there will be tweaks and changes to come, especially when the children arrive - their input will be vital in this becoming their space.


  1. Your classroom looks like a very exciting place to learn, Alice! I love the spaces and am very intrigued by your learning centre. I would love to hear more about the writers' workshops and the must do's/ can do's for maths! I had a reshuffle of the Neinsteins learning space today after feedback from the children at the end of the term... I have even managed to de-clutter more! I look forward to hearing more of your journey! :)

  2. Woohoo Alice, that is soooo exciting. I wish we had come to visit your amazing learning environment! It will be very exciting to follow the progress and see how the learners respond to the new spaces. I love the potential for learners to opt into workshops. I have a dream to run a blended learning programme - along the lines of the flipped classroom. I am working on some options for this in my head now and trying to get it sorted. I think you have inspired me to go with workshop options. Enjoy the rest of the holidays!
    Anne K

  3. Wow looks like you have been busy!!! Your classroom offers great space to explore learning spaces. Are you planning to have a blended programme - oh so brave - however I know you will be great!!! I look forward to hearing about the finer details. I also look forward to hearing your students responses to the changes. Maybe you could skype us with your new learning spaces as a focus??? Remember to give yourself a good amount of time to trial before tweaking. When I implemented learning spaces at the beginning of the year my childrens student voice wowed me. I was amazed with their thoughts and feedback to improve their learning. Great Learning times ahead for Room 9 DPS! :)