Sunday, 20 January 2013

Thinking ahead

Written Nov 2012 - Published Jan 2013

As a teacher we are of course always thinking ahead.

I was marking a place value assessment today and was considering the progress the children had made over the year - and I can overview this with their IKAN results, however - it is not in depth or frequent enough. (Like with Basic Facts when I do a weekly test, as well as the school basic facts assessment and IKAN results.)

Why am I not paying enough attention to such an integral part of numeracy?

 It brought me back to the start of the year when I spent some time focussing on Place Value - which underlies most understandings required for numeracy. I really think I needed to spend more time on it though, and refelcting upon this, I would have liked a similar assessment to have as a comparison.

Which brought me to thinking about next year. What will I keep the same? What needs zooping up? What do I need to introduce? What needs to go?

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