Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Restorative Justice

My school is looking into putting restorative justice principles into place. I'm undecided what I think about this - I think it's more the name than the principles that put me off. It's going to be an interesting process for me and I know that I need to go into this with an open mind and some idea of how it could work for me. (Maybe just call it something else?!?!)

My current beliefs on behaviour management are (and I feel most teachers are similar):
  • Put into place good structures and expectations
  • Positive praise for target behaviours and celebrations
  • It's all to easy to forget the 'good' children, when the 'tough' ones demand more attention - it's important to make an effort to balance this
  • Re-direct children before the behaviour occurs (if possible)
  • Give children a chance to be responsible and make choices
  • Teach what good/expected behaviour is at school (maybe it's different at home)
  • If a punishment is absolutley neccessary, make it relate to the 'crime' (eg, if Johnny is climbing the trees when he shouldn't be, the next play time he needs to play in a particular area where there are no trees)
I have found this article which is the start of my research.

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