Saturday, 9 April 2011

Reading back on placement notes........

I have decided to have a cleanout of all my college stuff, thought I'd read over it and anything I find interesting (food for thought) that I want to think about again, here seems a good place to put it - takes up a whole lot less space than my ring binders!!!!!

Notes from 1st placement: teacher said she provides homework but is completely optional as she doesn't believe she has the right to be telling parents what to do, practice singing as children transitioning between mat and desks, have laminated sheets in reading groups (with title, author, setting, characters, problem, solution, new words, interesting) so that fast readers have something to do when rest are finishing off), have a wonderings scrapbook where children can write any questions they like and at a time during the week the teacher will try to answer them/show skills to find answers, when counting in groups of 2, 5, 10 etc keep a rhythm to help with fluency.

Notes from 2nd placement: Really I'm just having a laugh! My notes are all just a big rant of what not to do as a teacher, and thankfully I haven't done any of those things yet, I don't think.

Notes from 3rd placement: heart of achievement - steps into the middle then get to choose a prize from pre-defined prize list, top group for week (using group points) get to move one space in heart of achievement, give a goal for Monday journal - don't want children to just write a recount of their weekend, read mark beside name for undesirable behaviour, target 10 - when whole class doing desired behaviour green dot in specified part of the board - when get 10 it's game time - start fresh each week, basic facts grid timed - children call out stop and teacher tells time for them to record - tick each line if all correct - circle ones got wrong, when a child is talking over they stand up, class mascot that can be a demonstration to say "Rodger has his handwriting book ready, do you?", celebration of work photocopied for everyone to look at why it is such a good piece of work, book "More Quality Circle Time" by Jenny Mosely.

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