Saturday, 9 April 2011

PE Games

Basketball shoot out - Two teams line up along the sides of the court on either side of the hoop and on the back line there is 5 cones either side of the hoop. Another cone is in the centre of the court halfway up the court.. The first person has to dribble the ball up the court and around the cone and back to the hoop. They have a shot at the hoop - if they get it in they take a cone from the opposing teams side and puts it on their side, if they miss they just pass the ball to the next player who repeats. The aim is to get all 10 cones on their teams side.

The Glue Game (aka Bring Home the Bacon)
Two teams line up facing each other about 2 metres apart. They are number off. Teacher calls out two numbers and the people from each team race into the middle to grab the glue (or whatever is in the middle). They have to get it back over their line to score a point. As soon as the glue is touched it is active. If the team who picks it up gets tagged the point goes to the other team (the ones who were the taggers).

I have seen in a class pre-determined teams. At the beginning of the year the children are assessed on how fast they can run, how far they can jump, how far they can throw and probably a couple of other tests. Then the children are ranked in order of strongest/fittest/most coordinated to not-so-much. The children are then split into two teams that are approximately even ability. They name these teams (eg Kings and Aces) and keep these teams for the rest of the year or until another ability test. This not only saves time when making teams, but it also makes the competition more fair and enjoyable.

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