Sunday, 6 May 2012

EduCamp Dunners = AMAZINGNESS!

Wow! My mind has been blown. What a great day at EducampDunners 2012.

The days highlights for me:
  • Meeting a new colleague from the Canterbury region and discovering EduCampChch is happening very soon!
  • Gawker - classroom timelapse, great way to assess on-taskness, cliques, 'attractive' areas of the classroom
  • Teach cybersmart instead of cybersafe
  • Learning about Daily 5 and CAFE, some concepts worth adopting, in particular stamina and developing learning stamina + indepence aspects and children self-managing literacy times
  • Sharing about inter-city ebuddies via skype and using writing as the vehicle (learning intentions and giving feedback), and later having a discussion with someone who admired the idea and referred to it as a long-distance super-classroom
  • Talking about and seeing a flexible learning spaces within a classroom (I just love the concept of flexible learning spaces!)
  • Touring classrooms and absorbing effective classroom practice - reflected by the actual classroom space and displays
  • Catching up with a fellow colleague (now e-colleague), and planning our next steps for our e-buddy (skyping) classes

My do-able next steps:
  • De-clutter the classroom and remove my desk space
  • Create visual for "iPICK good fit books"
  • Pitch some cost effective ideas and fundraising ideas to colleagues to up the digital learning opportunities and integration of e-learning
  • "Gawk" into the classroom

My future dreams:
  • Replace most of the childrens desks with tables and provide tote-tray type storage areas

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