Sunday, 13 November 2011

Educamp Invers

Above is the link to the Wikispace, which will also take you to the shared notes.

This was my first 'unconference conference' and I was a little apprehensive of what was going to happen. However, it turned out to be a very useful and inspiring day. The day started with a 'smackdown' which was a chance to share any 'gems' that had been using in your class or pearls of wisdom. This was followed by a general discussion about whatever came up. Very informal, which I think was helpful because it cut down the barriers of self-conciousness. 

Biggest take-outs and where to:

  • Incredibox is a great website to encourage students creativity. I think I will leave it up for the students to have a play with, but I would also like to base a music lesson around it somehow.
  • Google-Docs as a tool for writers. It allows students to add to their writing at home, it allows the teacher to leave comments from home without lugging home writing books, it allows reluctant writers to write without barriers (write bullet points then link them all together in a story). I would like to introduce this with just a couple of students to start with before introducing to the whole class. Using this method means you need to have reliable internet access with probably one computer between two or three students.
  • Networking and putting faces to 'tweeters.' 
Will I attend another Educamp? Without a doubt!

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