Monday, 10 October 2011

iPad, iPod touch and iCloud training

What an interesting afternoon! So much information today, I hope I can get it all written out in a sensible way. Fortunately we were given a folder of information to support what else we learnt.

iCloud and Cloud Computing
Sounds fantastic. Instead of having one central device that you have to transfer things from one device to another (often using iTunes), cloud computing means that when you download an application it will be stored in the cloud and automatically sync to all of your devices you have linked to it! That saves a lot of time. Also comes with 5MB (or GB?!?!?) of free data storage and I believe that is exclusive of music... I'll have to look into this much further as it sounds amazing.
I do have some hesitations and questions though at this stage -
1.   From what I can tell from the website, all new devices will automatically have cloud computing, but I'm wondering how do you go about connecting existing devices?
2.   I currently use my work laptop for some personal use - does this mean that if I download something for me personally it will go to the 'work cloud' or can I sort things into different clouds.
3.   I'm currently looking at getting a new personal lap-top and tossing up between a Mac or a PC. At this stage I would love to go with a PC (cost + I really just need the basics for personal use) so can I still use an iCloud off a PC like you can with iTunes?

iPad and iPod touch in the classroom
BYOD = bring your own device
Sounds brilliant, and going to become more accessible with cloud computing as you won't have to have a central device in which you use iTunes to download all your apps like you currently do. So how do you monitor and effectively incorporate BYOD into the classroom?
Easy! See the iPod touch section of Berkley Intermediate School's website. Berkely Intermediate iPods in schools

Such potential! I think I'll have to add an iPod touch to my wish list, and as for the iPad, it will be great to be able to put some more applications to use on them.

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